The Children’s Champion Awards started in 1996 to recognize shining examples of those in the community doing good things for children. The awards are designed to recognize and thank individuals, businesses, government agencies and organizations for their tremendous contributions toward making children in Genesee County. Some of the awards include scholarships for youth. The categories for nomination are as follows:

Outstanding Individuals

  • Outstanding Retiree Award – Any retiree who goes beyond to do something special to help make Genesee County a better community for children. e.g. volunteering regularly at a school, serving as a foster grandparent and/or hosting fundraising events to benefit youth.
  • Caring Adult Award – The Roy E. Peterson Caring Adult Award is for any adult (volunteer, employee or advocate) who goes beyond the call of duty to provide services to  children or youth in Genesee County. e.g. Those working tirelessly in a field that benefits children, leading a faith-based youth group and/or serving on boards of youth-focused organizations.
  • Outstanding Youth Award and Moxam Scholarship Award * – The Robert E. Weiss Outstanding Youth Award is a high school student who has done something special to help make Genesee County a better community for children. E.g. Mentoring/tutoring younger children, organizing initiatives to benefit other high school students and/or volunteering for organizations that help children. The student who wins this award also receives the Guy and Linda Moxam Scholarship.

*Note: A nomination in the Outstanding Youth category qualifies 12th grade students to apply for the Bob Emerson Scholarship of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

  • Crim Fitness Foundation (Active and Healthy Leader Award) – The Crim Fitness Active and Healthy Leader Awards any adult who goes beyond the call of duty to promote participatory health and fitness activities which benefits the children of Genesee County. e.g. eunning a wellness program for children, serving as a coach for a school sport and/or supporting Special Olympics or other organized sporting events for youth.
  • Youth Achieving  a Career in Skilled Trades Award (2 available)* – The Curbco Life Skills Award is for any high school senior or post-secondary learned age 24 or younger who is pursuing a career path of skilled trades. This type of education prepares people for specific careers at various levels from a trade, a craft, technician or other professional position. At the post-secondary level vocational education is typically provided by an institute of technology, polytechnic, university, or by a local community college. Examples include:  electrician, plumbing, tile work etc.

*Note: The Curbco Vocational Education Award includes a $1,000 scholarship toward training expenses.


Outstanding Business, Organization, Government Agency or Community Initiative

  • Special Resources for Children and Youth – The Special Resources for children and youth is an award for programs or projects that provide special resources/ opportunities for children and youth. E.g. Service learning, special programming, scholarships, medical or dental care for children resources, camps and/or other opportunities which would otherwise not be available.
  • Opportunities to Develop Life Skills for Youth – The Opportunities to Develop Life Skills for Youth for any programs or businesses that offer youth the ability to develop life skills. E.g. Programs which support positive youth development, skills/vocational training and/or employ youth in meaningful and positive work.
  • Volunteer Engagement to Serve the Youth – The Volunteer Engagement to Serve Youth awards any organization who provides community service to youth with volunteerism opportunities or provides employees/members with the opportunity to volunteer for organizations working to improve the lives of children. E.g. Any program, institution that supports and integrates meaningful community service that engages or serves youth. Such as churches, Jack & Jill, banks, fraternities and sororities.

Special Award

  •  MDT Award – Multidisciplinary team (MDT)of the child advocacy center selects the MDT member (2 awards)  whose work and dedication has helped children who are victims of child abuse, neglect or human trafficking begin the process of healing from their trauma. These awardees change hurt to hope. The MDT is compromised of prosecutors from Genesee County’s Prosecutor’s Office,  Genesee County law Enforcement,  Genesee County DHHS CPS workers,  mental health providers from GHS and  medical professionals from the three area hospitals.

All applications are DUE by 5:00PM EST on
November 26, 2018.

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